Danny Stroud for Congress
Colorado 1st Congressional District                                           
When the change you want is not what you are getting.  
We deserve a better Congress!
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The interview at DU this morning was cancelled (the crew was called back east to cover the storm).  I was looking forward to having another "discussion" with the incumbent.  To not let the moment pass, this is what i wanted to get across: 

There is a clear contrast between Diana DeGette and me. She views her position as a career – a lifelong role from which she plans to retire. That was not intended by our founding fathers. 

I view this opportunity as a call to duty and fully intend to self-impose term limits. She caterers to interest groups and views herself as partisan- constantly pitting one group against another to achieve her personal power. In fact, she is considered by the Denver Post to be THE MOST partisan member of the delegation. She considers Nancy Pelosi her "boss".

We have a relatively short election cycle (two year term) to guard against the loss of perspective that comes with becoming too comfortable. 

Representative DeGette has lost touch with her constituents. She does not know what we need. Instead she openly remains aloof and distant while focusing on her pet projects while the rest of us suffer under protracted economic misery. 

What has she done for CD1 in terms of jobs and economic growth? She’s “all in” with the Obama program of unsustainable spending and debt. She’s “all in” with growing government and regulation even though this is hurting our Colorado economy. She's "all in" with Obamacare and the subsidies for unsustainable energy projects (Solyndra and Abound Solar)

Her and her "ruling class" cronies are destroying America.

It’s time for someone else to give it a shot. Certainly things are not improving. We all hate the partisan bickering in Congress. Let’s show we don’t like it and put someone new in Congress. We deserve a better Congress!

Watch the debate for the 1st Congressional District (aired October 19th on Denver's Rocky Mountain PBS)  click here
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9News.com "Your Show"   September 17, 2012.   See the entire interview. click here
On the campaign trail!
Here we are with the Colorado Hispanic Republicans.  The young man campaigning with me is Nicholas.  He is only 10 years old but he understands what is going on
Nicholas and I meet the Romney Campaign Bus.
National Association of Manufacturers.  
(DeGette did not submit answers, by the way)
League of Women Voters publishes it candidate comparison questionnaire.  click here
Green Dreams?   The Volt is dead but GM is alive?  Really? 

Something that Obama has not been running on is his failed attempts to force his green dreams on an unwilling public. You won’t see him selling bumper stickers about Solyndra. Diana DeGette is "all in" when it comes to this failed strategy. Government is not capable of picking winners and losers. We deserve a better Congress!

Medicare in Colorado takes it on the chin.  


So where did the Administration get the $700 billion in cuts for Medicare (July 2012) that they are crowing about? Over $1 billion came from Diana DeGette's district (1st Congressional District- Colorado). I might have missed that fact in her last newsletter. Oh, yes, it wasn't in there! The second document shows the impact by county. Denver gets slammed!






Diana Degette makes the wrong choice almost every time!

FreedomWorks identifies the most important votes on issues of economic freedom and scores Members of Congress based on their votes. They use a scale of 100, so the higher the score the more often the Member is on the side fighting for lower taxes, less government and more freedom. (0% is not a good thing)


Here are Rep DeGette’s scores:


2012 -  6%

2011 - 10%

2010 -   0%

2009 -   0%

2008 -   0%

2007 - 11%

2006 -   0%


We need a better Congress!

We won the primary handily with 65% of the vote!   
Now on to the General Election!
If the Gross National Debt ticker above does not scare you enough,   take a look at this short video. Nothing is impossible, but it will take moral courage to do what it takes to keep America from imploding from the debt and the spending.
  • West Point Alumni Association (USMA Association of Graduates)
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)
  • National Rifle Association (NRA)
  • Harley Owners Group (HOG)
I signed the Balanced Budget Amendment pledge
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The NRA (National Rifle Association) grades me AQ.  
AQ=A pro-gun candidate who does not have an official voting record on Second Amendment issues. 

I hunt, I shoot recreationally, and collect interesting (antique or special) guns for fun.

I am a Constitutional conservative that believes the 2d Amendment is what insures all the rest.  

I am a life member of the NRA.

The Denver Post recently published an Issues Profile for the candidates.  You can read it online (click on <27 races> or <56 candidates> when prompted to bypass entering your address if you prefer).  If you have problems with the Denver Post site, you can click on the link below to read my responses. 

Read what Dr. Fallon says about Danny
I am writing to introduce you to my good friend Danny Stroud. I believe he will be a great candidate and can win this seat. Danny is a West Point graduate, the father of two daughters and a small businessman here in Denver.   He recently served as the elected Chairman of the Denver Republican Party. Danny definitely has the motivation, skills and experience to win this race in 2012. Click here to read more
We must REPEAL Obamacare!  

"Danny Stroud decision to take The Repeal Pledge shows voters that, when it comes to health care, he gets it -- he understands that ObamaCare’s individual mandate is an unconstitutional government infringement on our constitutional liberties, and he knows that if implemented, it will lead to more government and less freedom, will place government bureaucrats between doctors and their patients, and will limit patients' choice and control," said Heather Higgins, President & CEO of Independent Women’s Voice.

Read the entire story
IDEAS FOR REAL REFORM.  Dr. Jill Vecchio,  a Denver-based radioligist,  outlines it very well. Watch this video!

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MAY 23, 2012:  Lisa Spear hosted a candidate forum. First one of the season.  With the primary moved up to June,  the amount of time for people to meet candidates is highly compressed. Nicely done, Lisa.  

Here are some points taken from my comments:

"This election is about two things: the economy and our national security.

We are faced with many tough challenges and together we will overcome them, for we are Americans and we do tough well. I am asking you to be WITH me…. Not FOR me in this upcoming election.

The Democrats' national leadership must be held accountable by the American People for the destructive policies of the last three years that have led to an increasingly risky situation for our country and unprecedented pain for the American people"....  

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Thank you to those who voted for me and thank you to those who nominated me and said so many nice things.  I apologize to those who wanted to speak but did not have the chance.  I am so grateful.
The assembly ran long and time became short so the speeches were significantly truncated. My comments that were never delivered are here:  (this is the exact text written for oral delivery)

April 13, 2012

Hello, thank you for being here today. Thank you to the leaders at all levels that make it possible for us to assemble in this manner to organize our Party to fight for what we believe in.

In this upcoming election, the Democrats' national leadership must be held accountable by the American People for the destructive policies of the last three years that have led to...

  • double-digit unemployment,
  • record home foreclosures,
  • soaring gas prices, 
  • diminished energy resources,
  • a recklessly inflated money supply,
  • rampant multibillion-dollar bailouts of private companies with taxpayer money
  • socialistic largesse benignly called "stimuli", 
  • refusals to enforce federal laws on immigration and marriage,
  • an attempted federal takeover of everyone's healthcare, and
  • alienation of key allies in Europe and the Mideast.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, we’ve been led on a perilous strategic retreat from America's role as the champion of Liberty throughout the world -- especially in the increasingly seething Islamic world. 

And there's much more of these outrageous travesties to come next year, if this cohort of utopian Democrat elitists is not stopped dead in their tracks this November. 

Diana DeGette is one of these Democrat elitists--- in office for more than 15 years now and complacently supporting this president's every initiative -- and non-initiative.   She is contributing to the harm being done to America and the American People.

  • CONSEQUENTLY, she is putting our servicemen and women abroad at extreme risk as they face the increasing boldness of the avowed enemies of this nation. 

America is now sorely at risk from many points of the compass, and Diana DeGette and her smug crowd of ruling-class friends in D.C. are eager to ignore that risk while the rest of us face financial ruin, long-term dependency and loss of fundamental and very personal liberties.   Quite possibly even much more is at stake. It could get much worse.   

I stand as a resolute counter-force to this madness and growing menace that Diana DeGette has complicitly caused. 

I served our nation as an Army officer after graduating from West Point; I've built businesses and employed people, giving them meaningful jobs; I've raised a family of my own and therefore have a clear stake in our next generation's fortunes – and, yay,  their very lives.  

Freedom has enabled me to build a unique and prosperous life. Most of you probably feel the same about your lives. 

We dare not take our LIBERTY for granted this year!  We must mobilize throughout Colorado, and especially in our Congressional districts, and galvanize our friends, families, neighbors, and coworkers -- literally everyone we know and meet -- to stand up and loudly reject the Democrats'  dedicated deconstructing of America.

We cannot allow the  nationalizing of our government and the very systems that make America the Great Republic.

  • We cannot allow the balkanizing of our economy and the people of America with regional and class warfare; 
  • We can no longer tolerate the endless parade of lies, distortions, doubletalk,  and perverse moralizing that is thrown at us as the fuel for dividing America.  

I challenge Diana DeGette now -- and will continue to challenge her-- to face me in open debate anywhere in Colorado.  I challenge her to justify her complicity as a voting member of Congress for the last 16 years. I challenge her particularly about the last three as the Democrat progressives'

  • relentlessly dismantle our constitutional republic,
  • Rip apart our free-market economy
  • Ignore our sovereign borders,
  • Destroy our unitary culture,
  • Crush our core liberties and rights to property, free speech, and private arms, and
  • Compromise the physical security we have long enjoyed because we possess a strong military with an intelligence community that are second to none.    

Diana DeGette needs to face the music -- the music that all of us in Colorado are playing now and have been playing for a long time.  She needs to be held accountable by us in CD 1, and to come home to Colorado -- permanently, to stay.  Her work in Washington is done and I intend to take her place there, to reverse the madness.  This experienced warrior  is well prepared and ready for battle!  In this campaign, there can be no substitute for Total Victory in November! 

Thank you very much.


Why am I running?   The simple answer is that I feel compelled to run.  America is still a great country and her best days are in front of her. Our Federal government is completely changing the fabric of what made America great.  It must stop now.  read the full announcement here

Ask yourself:  Is your government letting you down?

    • Is my family’s life better now than it was 4 years ago?
    • What are they doing to create jobs in Colorado? 
    • Is the run-away Federal government out of control? 
    • When was the last time there was a local town hall meeting that mattered?
    • Why don’t they believe in American Exceptionalism?  

You know you want better.  
You know we need better.
You deserve better!  

You have a choice.  Now is the time to take a stand and demand better.


  • We are killing jobs in Colorado by supporting President Obama’s “green energy” initiatives.
  • The Federal government is out of control with spending and irrational funding priorities such as Solyndra.  Our national debt is approaching 15 trillion and growing at an alarming rate of $3 trillion per year.  Estimates of our unfunded liabilites are as much as $130 trillion.  
  • The Federal government acts without regard for the burden this places on future generations.  My children, your children and all future Americans will be saddled with this unsustainable debt. It hurts our well-being and makes us a weaker country.
  • The excessive regulation stemming from the unchecked growth of government is killing job creation across the country but exceptionally so in Colorado. 
  • Our government has lost all understanding of American Exceptionalism. They do not believe that America is the beacon of freedom to all the world. 


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